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Regole Men’s College Basketball Pool

Regole Men’s College Basketball Pool falls victim to COVID

It is sad news I share that the Regole Pool is discontinuing its annual competition. The pool ran from 1998 through 2019 (22 years)—and then COVID disrupted everything. It canceled the 2020 pool, it forced my staff to work from home, and I soon learned that I too, could work from home. I sold my office building and moved business operations into my house. I relied on my staff to keep the Pool website running and now that we are working apart from one another, it just complicates things. That, and it’s a lot of time and effort to manage the pool. Plus, after 22 years, the passion has diminished for me.

Best to all of you for contributing to the madness throughout the years. It was fun while it lasted.

Don Regole